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A MoneyGram Protection Story: How One MoneyGram Employee Saved a Customer From Being Scammed

“I have a bad feeling.” Those are the words Aris, a MoneyGram employee in our Anti-fraud department, straightforwardly told a customer who was caught in the web of an elaborate scam. “But don’t worry. Nothing will happen, madam.”

NPR Aris

It started with a call. On the other line was an IRS agent – or so the customer thought. "IRS agent" attempted to coerce the victim into transferring money by stating that she owed back taxes. Adding to the pressure, the “IRS agent” stated that, if the transfer wasn’t done soon, then law enforcement would be coming to arrest the woman. 

That’s where MoneyGram’s Aris stepped in. He took over the situation, called the victim while she was on the phone with the scammer, and talked her through the matter. Through his experience in spotting fraud, in addition to his ability to help talk to customers in a calm but direct manner, Aris helped this MoneyGram customer escape a complex scam, and assured her that everything would be okay.

At MoneyGram, we are a team full of people like Aris who are dedicated to helping others. Making a difference is our aim, and assisting others is our passion. We’re committed to protecting our clients and ensuring that our services are not used illegally by other parties. From laundering to terrorist financing, we’re steadfast in guarding our customers.

Why join Moneygram International?

Not only are we one of the largest money transfer companies in the world, with agents in more than 200 countries and territories, we are industry innovators and game-changers. We continue to outperform our competition in a dynamic industry that moves $600 billion - and growing - around the world each year.

Though we have a large global reach, we maintain a fairly small team of approximately 2,500 employees, which means that each one of our team members plays a meaningful role in our success. MoneyGram is an equal opportunity employer, and we're focused on building our diverse and inclusive teams with top global talent to help us accomplish our goals.

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